Another hobby on the cards, because I’m not busy enough already

I’ve been umming and ahhing for a while about expanding my jewellery making into making my own glass pieces. I’ve been umming and ahhing generally over the fact buying a kiln for glass making isn’t going to be cheap.

This is the kiln I’d probably need. £550. Very costly for something I’m not sure I’m even going to be good at. So generally I’ve been poking around the internets, reading tutorials, investigating different types of glass and glass kits and the like.

I’ve even put my name down for a one-day glass making course a couple of hours drive from where I live so I can have a go at actually doing it to see if I’d be any good at it.

But then, toddling round the internet I found this:

A kiln that works n the microwave. Oh brilliant! I thought. I’ve got a microwave (although it’s nowhere near as clean as the one in the picture. At working out at about £50 it’s well within my price range too, I can try it out and see if I like it (even buying all the glass and stuff it would work out cheaper than going on the course). But it would come from Japan or the US. So I poked around a bit more and found one company in the UK which sells it. Bearing in mind it’s $99 in the US can you guess how much it is in the UK? That’s right £99.

Bloody rip-off Britain. Gah

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