More adventures in glass fusing

Got some pictures of the latest project I’ve done

This is my most recent project, a fused glass and Swarovski crystal necklace. It was a 30th birthday present for my best friend (who adored it btw).

The biggest piece of glass is 10mm wide by about 45mm long and the smaller pieces are 5mm by 3mm (roughly). Each piece is a 2mm piece of transparent purple as the base followed with two 2mm clear pieces on the top. The middle piece of glass has been split to make a channel to thread the tigertail through.

I absolutely love this piece, even if it did take me an age to make as I couldn’t make the bottom two smaller pieces even (and I have a pile of scrap pieces from trying to make two of a similar size.)

This is the problem with my microwave kiln, it’s just not exact enough for me to make identical pieces each time. I’m going to bite the bullet and shell out for a proper kiln. I’ve seen one I like and it’s smaller than my microwave so it won’t take up too much space but it’s going to cost £300. I’ll be asking family and friends for donations towards the kiln fund for my birthday I think.

At least with a proper kiln my pieces won’t turn out ever so slightly lopsided (because the shelf in my microwave spins the glass ‘flows’ outwards towards the edge of the kiln)

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