More Glass Fusing

The other week I tried out the kiln again to have another go and see how stuff turned out.

Three test pieces this time.
Top Left: Green/Magenta Dichroic with two layers of clear on top
Bottom Left: two pieces that were tack fused in the microwave kiln ages ago and I wanted to see how they’d full fuse being further along the fusing cycle than the other pieces (would they melt and spread more or heat up quicker)
Right: my more complex piece (i.e. one that is actually a shape, the easiest shape to do was a cross because the cross-pieces are just lopped off the top and bottom of the straight piece.

All the pieces are in the kiln and not too messed up as it’s really hard to get the kiln shelf in the kiln without knocking something out of place.

As you can see, it’s 23*C in my kitchen.

The kiln’s going full blast now, and the heat is starting to warp the door. Don’t worry, this is apparently normal.

But they are quite big gaps *worries* It also means that it’s a pain in the arse to keep the temperature up. Although it’s better than an enamelling kiln would be.

About to start the flash venting of the kiln. Look how hot it is in there. ooh!

you can see the glass starting to melt together.

A slightly better shot.

And now to finish with a rubbish camera phone picture. The arm of the cross closest to the heating plates in the kiln fused a lot more than the other side. So I know now to centre stuff in the middle of the kiln.

The other piece has now colour shifted to blue/green, it looks completely ace and I’m pleased with how it turned out. The only thing that didn’t work was the fact the dichroic coating crept up on the outside. Apparently I need to do a slightly wider top layer to push the bottom layers down and stop the creeping, which is useful to know for the future.

I have done another firing since this one. I’ll post the pictures when I get back from ATP.

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