More adventures in glass fusing

Last week I went on a quite brilliant glass fusing course in Oswestry. Behind the cut are photos of all the stuff I made in the kiln waiting to be fused. There were about 7 people attending the glass with three members of staff who were all very knowledgeable.

They’d just bought a microwaveable kiln (a bigger version of the one I got) so I was able to tell them how it worked and give them some little tips as I’ve done a fair bit of messing around with mine.

Once I have everything back I’ll take photos of all the afters.

1. blue Dichroic glass with a little nubbin of the same and clear glass on the top.
2. amber frit (big chunks of) on a piece of clear glass.
3. random pieces of 1mm stringer glass.
4. base is clear dichroic coated glass with clear glass dust and chunky class frit on the top.

5. copper cut out heart, coloured in with a black marker pen inbetween two pieces of clear 3mm glass.
6. 1mm stringers in shades of blue on top of a 3mm piece of clear glass. This single one took me over half an hour to do.
7. yellow and green glass frit (fairly fine) inbetween two pieces of 3mm glass,
8. cut out hearts from kitchen foil between two pieces of 3mm clear glass.

9. cut out copper flowers inbetween 2 pieces of clear glass to make cufflink nubbins.
10. blue star made from fine frit between two pieces of clear glass.

11. random shards of blue glass between two pieces of clear.
12. more random shards of glass on a piece on clear glass.
13. fine and rough frit between two pieces of clear glass.
14. triangle of rippled dichroic glass, with a smoky coloured stringer surrounding it on a piece of clear glass.

15. blue dichroic with shards of black glass and rough black frit with clear glass on the top
16. blue dichroic on ripply edges of rolled glass on top of cut clear glass.
17. the cut-out of one of my cufflink pieces between two pieces of clear glass.
18. clear glass and stringers on a piece of clear glass.

19. copper, with lyrics from ‘Feeling Good’ written on the copper (on both sides) in marker pen between two pieces of glass. I wanted to see if the marker burnt off or not during the firing process.
If this works it will possibly be my favourite piece of glasswork ever.

20. shards of glass on clear.
21. clear base, purple on top and on top of that, white frit in the shape of a flower
22. clear coated dichroic with blue dichroic on the top
23. plain blue glass with blue glass dust and clear frit on the top.

24. two irregular pieces of glass that are vaguely the same shape with bits of dichroic in the middle. The white stuff is (ceramic blanket) to make a threading hole when the glass melts.

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