Further Soldering Adventures

I had another go at soldering again this week. It was a tiny bit more successful than the first.

So, I started off with an off-cut of an iridescent green 3mm thick piece of glass and wrapped the copper round it. I used the end of a spoon to really flatten out the copper and make the edges nice and snug.<

Sorry for the rubbishy blurry photo. This is the ‘After’ shot I’m starting to get the hang of laying the solder down but it’s still not all that neat. It’s okay though. Not bad for my second attempt.

Putting the loop on the top though was really difficult. (I have all the best tools for this. For an extra hand I used a clothes peg that had been soaked in water.) I think I may have overcooked the solder. I’m not too sure.

I think my main problem is my soldering iron. That’s the tip. No I don’t know what’s happened to the rest of it either. I’ve not found bits of it anywhere, it’s not exploded, it’s sort of just…dissolved. It’s very strange.

I do have a pointy tip from the soldering iron that did actually explode with flames and stuff so I’m going to swap them about.

I’ve also bought an e-book on soldering pendants so that I can get some tips on doing it better. Especially the hanging loops.

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