Glass, glass everywhere!

I’ve been busy with the old kiln last week

I decided to experiment with the little glass balls I’d made the other day.
1) before it went in the kiln, the white thing in the middle is ceramic fibre robe to make the threading hole.
2) fired to a full fuse all the balls sank into the glass, especially the dark blue one which made the side of the piece stick out.
3) an hour with a sickle stone and a fire polish later it’s looking much nicer.

One of the pieces I’m doing as a commission for my aunt-in-law
1) starting with a gorgeous piece of dichroic glass that starts pale blue at one end and fades into purple at the other, topped with ‘reed’ glass (it’s got deep ridges in it) with the ridges facing down onto the dichroic.
2) After fusing, when all the channels were on the reed glass there’s now little lines of air bubble. Cool!
3) The edges were a bit untidy so I had at them with the sickle stone, you can see where I ground the glass. Again with the fire polishing and it looms as good as new.

I won some watch cogs off eBay and I’d been wanting to fuse them in something for a while. so I had a go.
I think I over fused it slightly as I ended up with a much rounder piece than I initially wanted., but still, hella cool, no?

1) A version of the blue pendant from before but in pink.
2) This time though instead of the reed glass leaving air channels it’s sunk into the glass to give a ribbed effect, it’s all down to where in the kiln it’s placed I think.
3) Again it’s looking a bit untidy around the edges so I ground it down again and fire polished. (4)

Now these I love, love, LOVE!(and a few of you may be getting something similar from Santa)
1) I pre-fired clear glass bases with copper wire hanging hooks (as they’re test pieces). I glued to the top a handful of the little glass balls in a fairly random placement, just to see how they’d fuse on different parts of the glass
2) In the kiln just at the stage where the balls and the base are starting to go molten and merge together, this is about 50*C cooler than when I do a full fuse but still over 700*C.
3) and they’re done. The one on the left I love to pieces, even with my lopsided bail and I’m wearing it right now (that’s the great thing about making your own jewellery you’ve always got something that matches. 🙂

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