Another trial run

I did another test run with the kiln again this week. I’m still messing about with the firing schedule. I think I’m going to need to make my top fusing temperature a bit lower with a shorting holder time to keep it nicely square instead of rounding off as it is.

This first one is sparkly blue glass with little copper stars.

This is is purple and green/blue dichroic glass with stars cut out from fusible paper, they’ve moved about as the glass has become molten and look really 3-d

This one is dichoric glass, blue glass and a fine silver star

The white glass is copper reactive and it’s given the copper shapes a little halo which looks really cool.

The swirls on this one I painted with enamel glass paint. I think I need to go more layers before firing as it’s burnt away quite a lot.

The green circle design has nearly completely burnt away. Which is a shame because it was my favourite.

Copper ivy leaves and green stems on a red background.

Two little copper stars which I think I’ll turn into earrings. I used reactive glass with this one too which have the stars a copper tinge to them (usually they’ll go a very dark colour)

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