Out in the garden

My flowers and plants in the back garden are starting to look really good now. Here’s a selection:

Part of my little herb garden. Thyme, Rosemary, Curry Plant, Chocolate Mint. Yummy!

My other herbs: Zombie basil, coriander, mint. Just out of shot is my yummy yummy, rocket.

The Zombie basil was one of those pots of fresh herb you get for a pound from Tesco and it’s the herb that will not die. It keeps dying off and coming back and when the wind rustles its leaves you can definitely hear “brainsssssss”

my seed garden
I planted some basil, rosemary and oregano seeds back in the spring. Only the basil took. Shame really.

Sweet William
Sweet William. I think it’s rather pretty.

Sweet William



Sweet William

Sweet William


If you’re interested, you can see the rest of my flower photos by clicking on the Flickr link in the sidebar over there >>>

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