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Saturday snapshot

The happiest bit of old metal in Ironbridge. Advertisements

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Planning posts and why I should do it.

Sister Diane over at CraftyPod has been discussing planning your posts ahead of time in her recent podcast. She makes some very good points about planning posts ahead. As a reader I know how frustrating it can be for a … Continue reading

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Mr B is currently enjoying a break in the unrelenting rain to spend some quality time in the outside world. I think he was starting to develop a little bit of cabin fever.

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The Continuing Adventures in DIY

My adventures in DIY carries on apace (well at narcoleptic snail’s pace anyway) and I’ve finally started to grout my floor tiles. I’ve still got four tiles left to lay, but my local DIY superstore still haven’t got the door … Continue reading

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Well I wasn’t expecting that!

The company I work for in my proper (non-crafty) day job are currently working with our local prison. One of my colleagues was talking to the teaching staff there and discovered that the prisoners spend some of their time making … Continue reading

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Adventures at the Skills Event

So, you may remember a few weeks ago, I mentioned that I was going to do some workshops at a local skills festival. Well, I ordered in all my bits and pieces, filled my soldering torch with gas and got … Continue reading

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Playing with the kiln

I’ve had my kiln out recently. Because it’s still very new and me and the kiln aren’t used to each other yet I’ve been doing a lot of very small test firings with spare chips of glass I have left … Continue reading

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