The Continuing Adventures in DIY

My adventures in DIY carries on apace (well at narcoleptic snail’s pace anyway) and I’ve finally started to grout my floor tiles. I’ve still got four tiles left to lay, but my local DIY superstore still haven’t got the door trims I need in stock. Without them I don’t know how wide I need to cut these last few tiles. It’s very frustrating.
And I don’t know what to do with my bath panel. Originally I was planning to buy some plyboard and tile over the top of it, but I’ve done some tests and the plywood in the thickness I would need would just bend and the tiles would ping off. So I think I will have to bite the bullet and just buy an off-the-shelf one instead.
This gives me a feeling of woe because I really wanted to have a go at doing it myself, but on the other hand I’m sick and tired of seeing the pipes underneath my bath and Mr B is desperate the get through the hole in the floor under the bath and into the ceiling space. I’d never see him again if he did that. I’d just hear the occasional muffled miaow and bumps in the night.

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