Goodies in the post

My little girl is going through quite a destructive streak at the moment. She had a travel changing mat that has a vinyl top. Unfortunately the mat isn’t liking being folded and unfolded all the time and the vinyl has all cracked .

She can now get her fingers into the cracks in the vinyl and has ripped it across. So a baby needs to have a new changing mat.

So I’ve been busy shopping on the interwebs for some supplies so I can have a go at making my own.

Today, the postie has brought:

A big piece of Very Hungry Caterpillar material. This bit is split into three, there’s the Caterpillar (above), the Caterpillar on a leaf and the beautiful Butterfly he turned into.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar was the first book I read all those years ago, and it’s always been a favourite of mine. I only hope my little girl develops the same love for it that I have.

I also got

Some matching spotty material to form the base. Only it’s not waterproof to protect from leaky nappies. Well, worry not, I’ve also bought some iron-on vinyl that I can cover it with to protect it. However, the vinyl’s come with no instructions so I’ll need to ask Google for some instructions.

My last parcel delivered by the postie was

Some iron-on wadding. The little dots are bits of glue to stick it to the material, this way the wadding shouldn’t come apart when I fold/unfold repeatedly the new changing mat. (This is a problem with the old mat, the foam in it has all come away and crumpled up around the edges.)

My next job is to cut all the material to size, find some instructions on how to use the iron-on vinyl and prepare it and dig out my mini sewing machine and away I go!

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