Muse. A photo review

So Saturday myself and the sibling upped sticks and travelled Oop North to go and see Muse and much fun was had by all!

Before we start I need to get this out of the way:



We had to go and park on enemy territory when we go there though. (Insert boos and hisses here) Old Trafford is bloody massive though, it looks so much smaller on the telly.

We got there for about 4.10 (gates opened at 4) and the queues were all the way round the cricketground and met in the middle. However, it only took us about 20 minutes to get in which was pretty good. I didn’t even get searched, so I could have taken my actual camera with me after all instead of letting you suffer through my not so good N97 cameraphone pictures. Sorry guys. Luckily the crowd was a sea of camera and phone screens once it got dark so they’ll be lots more photos appearing today all over the place.

The stage was aces.
it was all strange perspectives and angles and a bit like an Inception style nightmare. I rather love it. Especially the Eye of Sauron on the top 😀

This was Pulled Apart by Horses. They were okay.

The ground started to fill up by the time the second of the support bands came on.


I even got to stand on a bit of the turf of Old Trafford. Ooh, I felt like a real cricketer I did. (Don’t worry cricket fans, it was all covered in thick sheeting to protect the wicket et al)

The Editors were really good. Bless ’em. I remember seeing them at the Academy before they got famous.


Sunset over Manchester.

And then the drumkit was uncovered and the piano came out and everyone got excited. The pit down the front started bouncing and then it began…

Masses of people came out on stage waving flags about. Some of them unfurled a banner that stated ” They will not control us”. The crowd started to go mad. Lots of smoke and lights.


Matt came out looking very subdued in a glittery silver suit, Dom was wearing what looked just like a ladies wetsuit2 and Chris wouldn’t have been out of place in a Tim Burton fantasy in his stripy suit jacket.

The projected people were spelling out “they will not control us” and whatnot in perfect time with the lyrics.



Supermassive Black Hole
The crowd went mad when this started. Someone practically fell down the stairs by us they were jumping around by us.


Oh the best song called Newborn (in my opinon, His Lordship reckons Elbow’s Newborn is the best song called Newborn.)


There was a bloke on the floor in front of us doing ‘a Bez’ all the way through this long. He ended up with a massive space around him as the rest of the crowd trying to avoid his flailing.

Map of the Problematique
Dune, I dedicated my chair!dancing and bouncing to you.


Butterflies & Hurricanes
Oh my, I’ve not seen this one played live for literal years. Matt had a couple of sausage finger moments during the piano solo. Still it’s impressive, there’s no way I could play that quickly and I don’t think I can spread my fingers far enough to reach all the notes.


Guiding Light

I really love the start of this, all heavy and angry.

Citizen Erased
Matt made a comment about how they should change the name of to

The hardcore Musers down the front went absolutely insane. I think a few may have expired from joy.


You know, this is the first time I’ve seen this done live.


United States of Eurasia-sia-sia

mmmmmQueenlikeharmonies. Lots of synchronised arm punching in the sia-sia-sia bits

Feeling Good
There was a big old cheer for this (and when the megaphone came out.) As those of you who know me know, I love this song very much. It is my second favourite cover of Muse’s ever. And loads of people were singing along. It made me feel very warm and snuggly inside. However, the internet has informed me that this song isn’t popular amongst fans of Muse. Do you like it? (Remember, how you answer will affect whether or not you stay in my will! ;))



MK Ultra (sort of)
Matt went off for a bit of a lie down (or a loo break, you decide) so it was up to Chris and Dom to keep the show going. And they did it in style.


Yes, they’re a bit far away, but on a cheery-picker cum UFO is Dom and Chris jamming out an instrumental. The drum kit was ace and reacted to the hitting.

Undisclosed Desires
Matt came back for Undisclosed desires and joined in the fun on the UFO



Starlight – Kareoke version
The whole audience was blasting this out. It sounded amazing. Matt actually stopped to let us have a go.

Time is Running Out
And this one too. The floor was bouncing up and down like crazy mad things.

Unnatural Selection

1st Encore
Exogenesis Symphony: Part 1 (Overture)

This sounded just amazing.

Stockholm Syndrome

Second Encore
You know how I was saying that Matt looked a bit subdued in his shiny suit. Well, he outdid himself this time. He came out in a suit THAT LIT UP!! And flashed and changed colour. It was amazin’!
Take A Bow




I wish I had a better camera. Woes

Plug In Baby
And then my camera couldn’t cope with the awesome and my phone completely packed up. (It had to have a lie down for 24 hours before it started working again.) He can still hit the high notes. Sadly the bloke singing along behind me couldn’t.

Knights Of Cydonia
When Chris started playing the harmonica I got actual chills. I didn’t think that sort of thing happened in real life. The crowd got very bouncy again and there was even some crowd surfing. (I never thought I’d see that at a Muse gig.

And then it was over and we had to go home. 😦 I didn’t get in until 1.22am that morning. And then a baby had me up at 6.15am.

In conclusion I really very much enjoyed myself, I did much chair dancing (taking care not to knock the stranger next to me) and it was great to actually be high enough to see the band, even if we were fairly far back.

1 (Old LotR memes, still getting some life into them 10 years later)
2 See Flight of the Conchord’s Hurt Feelings. In a related note, I saw three people in Conchord’s t-shirts. This pleased me greatly, they should get more love.

If you want to go and see loads of much better pictures than mine, then head over here (although beware of lots of setlist whinging) and there are now piles of videos up on youtube too.

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One Response to Muse. A photo review

  1. Peter Harris says:

    Elbow’s Newborn is the best song ever so it must be better than Muse’s ‘version’.

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