Adventures in Silversmithing

My silversmithing class has started again so be prepared for mostly-weekly updates on what I’m doing in class.

As silver is getting so expensive I’m trying out some of my ideas in copper first. This is a little stamped dome that will eventually be Liver of Sulphur patina’d.

I’ve learnt that you should always drill your holes before you dome otherwise when you try and drill holes the drill bit skitters everywhere and scratches the metal. Woes.

It still needs a lot of cleaning up beforehand though, I’ve got a good half hour or so of filing and polishing before I can crack open the Liver of Sulphur.

Another thing I’m practicing this term is my piercing and sawing. It’s one bit of silversmithing I hate doing, because I’m just not very good at it. This way I get to practice and maybe one day I can do some of the really intricate piercing that one of my classmates does. (She cuts out tries and the wings of dragonflies, it’s so intricate and just simply amazing).

As you can see, I’m starting with straight lines. Can you spot the first one I did?

Again, I need to go a lot of filing and finishing and again I’ll do some pantina-ing to bring out the flower pattern that’s embossed in the metal.

My last piece was in sterling silver with jump rings soldered to a disk. I recently bought some enamelling supplies and what I plan to do is fill the insides of the jump ring with enamel in co-ordinating colours.

Again I need to do quite a bit of finishing work to it first, this is literally just out of the pickle from the soldering. I need to tidy up the solder and polish it up before I can use it for enamelling.

And that’s what I’ve done so far.

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