Adventures in enamelling

With some of the Christmas money I got, I invested in a sample pack of Schauer Jewellery Enamels. They produce about 100 different colours in transparent and opaque powders. I got a mixture of blues and roses and I couldn’t wait for them to come to try them out.

Aware this time, of how quickly they can turn I decided to fire them using my trusty hand-held torch (A crème brulee torch from Lidl of all places).

I gathered some scraps of copper and stamped out some half centimetre discs.

You may notice by the ‘This’ in the picture above that there is a black disc. it was supposed to be the lilac-y one that is above it, but I overfired it. (It was my first go and it went too far too quickly). I learnt from my mistake and all the others came out okay.

These three are opalescent. (L-R White, Green, Violet) Only the white one has the opal look to it too. There’s a knack to firing it to bring out the opalescent but I’ve not quite got it yet. It’s something I’ll have to work on.

Turquoise, two shade of blue and a violet. I love the turquoise, it’s so rich.

All my lovely pale roses have come out very purpley. I don’t know if it’s reacting with the copper, or if they need to be heated up more gently. Again I think more practice needs to be had with them to get to know the glass and how it reacts. I’d also like to try it out with different torches and in the kiln and see how that affects them too.

All in all, I’m really pleased with what I’ve done and I want to have a go at making some actual jewellery now, rather than just little test pieces.

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