Adventures in Silversmithing

This term at Silversmithing I decided that I was going to work on some silver rings. I’ve not made any rings since the first term
and as well as fabricating some rings I also wanted to have a go at doing some bezel settings. But instead of using glass that I fused in the kiln I wanted to use semi-precious stones.

A classmate recommended Rashbel UK for buying the stones. They’ve got a really wide selection in a load of different sizes and shapes and I ended up spending a lot of money. But I am the proud owner of rainbow moonstones and amethysts in 2mm and 5mm, a 3mm sapphire, normal moonstone, and opal (which actually wasn’t very opal-ly but was expensive so I’m going to use it)

I also wanted to experiment with making rings out of wire instead of sheet and used square and round 1mm wire to make the rings themselves.

I even made the bezels from scratch using fine silver bezel wire and 0.3mm sterling sheet. I was going to buy them but they were so expensive, and I’m making them just for me so they don’t need to be absolutely perfect and the practice does me good.

Here’s a shot of one of the rings I made once it was all soldered and just out of the pickle:

As you can see it still needs polishing up and tidying up first.

Do you see the little hole in the bezel? Well I made the bezels very snug for the stones, well, they were expensive and I don’t want to lose them. Unfortunately I made them a bit too snug and when I was sizing up the height of the bezel before I soldered it I got the stone stuck.

I had to drill out a very little little hole in the bottom of it so I could poke the stone out.

Apparently a tip to prevent this is to put dental floss underneath the stone so you can just pull it out. It’s such a simple and obvious thing to do that I was kicking myself for not thinking of it. Thanks internet for educating me!

Coming soon: the finished rings!

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One Response to Adventures in Silversmithing

  1. tjfox says:

    I never even considered dental floss. What a simple concept and so very helpful. Thanks for sharing!

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