Adventures in Enamelling

Been doing some more enamelling recently. I’m getting a little bit more confident with the process itself so now I’m experimenting with different effects.


This is a round copper disc that was drilled and domed and given a slight pattern around the edges using a metal stamp. You can’t see it particularly clearly in the picture though.

I gave it a couple of sifted layers of kingfisher blue (which comes through a lot darker over copper than it does on silver) and using a hole punched piece of card as a guide sifted a layer of turquoise over that. Because it was only the one layer of turquoise it’s a little bit patchy, but I like the effect.I may go back and do a second layer, but I’ve not decided yet.

It’s actually only about 15mm in diameter, it’s very small indeed. All my test pieces are.

And this is another 15mm piece of copper, drilled and domed, but this time I’ve crinkled the edges so I could experiment with putting enamel onto an irregular surface in an even manner.

This is transparent amethyst enamel which has also come out a little bit darker than  expected with it being put onto copper. On silver it comes out a lot more purple.

This one just needs a final cleaning up and polishing and I’ll start wearing it. I like it that much.

Once I get my extra large disc cutter I’m going to have a go at doing it in a larger size.

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