Adventures in enamelling

I’ve been working on a couple of little enamelled pendant and earring sets for the oncoming opening of either an esty or a folksy shop.

There’s only simple sets and I still have to give them the final polish, string them and fabricate some earwires for them out of copper but I’m liking how they look already.

This first set is an opaque rose colour, but instead of being pinky it’s some out slightly more purpley. I think this is due to torch firing it, the temperature isn’t as constant as in a kiln so the colours will do random things.

I have some Bullseye glass for my kiln and depending on where in the kiln it goes it comes out in different colours (shades of pinky red) I think pinks are just more susceptible to changes in heat.

And these are a colour called heliotrope. I love this enamel so very much. I love the way it’s more pinky in the middle than around the edges.

Once I have them finished and ready for sale I’ll take some more pictures of them to show you how they look.

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