Stacking rings

As mentioned in an earlier post I’ve been working on some stacking rings in Silversmithing class this term.

Well after weeks of soldering, and filing, and filing, and a bit more filing, some burnishing, some polishing, a bit more filing, more polishing and some final burnishing they’re finally done!

They still need some bits and pieces of finishing off to do, such as tidying up the last traces of solder on the ring joins.

Amethyst and rainbow moonstone rings. As you can see on the small-stoned ring the bezel setting isn’t pushed in all the way around the stones. That’s because this idiot here soldered them together (accidentally) and didn’t realise it would be an issue until the stones actually went in.

I’ve been doing a bit more work on them in class and they’re looking a lot better now.

Left: moonstone, right: Rainbow moonstone. I’ve been experimenting with square and round wire to see how comfortable they are.

My secret ring. This bezel recycled some silver scrap I’d been practising stamping on, so the base of this one has a baby foot and my daughter’s initial in it.

Once the stone is in though you will never know.

And this is an opal ring. The stone is only 5mm but it was very expensive!

I’m so pleased with how these turned out. I still have 4 semi-precious stones left to do so I’ll be making a few more rings. Next on my list to do is some plain silver rings so I have a few more combinations to do with the stacking rings.

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  1. Jillybean says:

    Oooh very pretty!

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