Planning a DIY Adventure

I’ve not posted for an age due to moving house and trying to get some unpacking done. But we’re (slowly) getting sorted now and my thoughts can turn back to my poor, dusty blog.

One of the nice things about our new house is that the old owners left a wooden children’s playhouse in the back garden. Now, when I was just a kid, my wendy house was just a stick frame with a yellow and red nylon house shaped cover. I loved that house. My mum sewed net curtains for the place and I had a little faux fur and sponge chair to furnish it. It was brilliant.

This place however blows my little wendy house out the water. Kids these days, don’t know they’re born.

It’s awesome. I want to move into there!

It’s got a ground floor and a mezzanine level and wall to wall carpet downstairs. It even has a fitted kitchen (well, fitted as in “it’s screwed to the wall”). The ladder leads upstairs to the mezzanine and the upstairs window.

It even has it’s own electricity supply and a little ceiling light. I’m half tempted to turn it into a workshop. (Only half-tempted though).

As the little’un is subtly hinting, it needs a bit of work doing on it.

There’s a lot of graffiti inside:

Which I think I can sand out. I’ve borrowed an electric sander. I just need to find my enamelling dust mask and I’m good to go on the clean up.

The rules of the house, as drawn on the mezzanine floor by the little girl who lived here before us:

One of the windows also needs replacing:

(Clever use of a document wallet to patch it up.) My brother-in-law has gotten onthe case and donated a sheet of perspex to the cause so I can replace the window. I just need to work out how to take the frame apart in order to do so.

It has some interesting decor. I think the stars and the moon glow in the dark. I’ll have to leave it out in the sun to confirm it though.

We have given it a couple of solar lights outside to make it look a bit more homely.

So the action list for the house:
[x] Sand off all the graffiti and the pen marks to clean up the inside.
[x] Replace the window
[x] Replace the wood on the porch roof and then felt it to help it last longer.
[x] Paint the outside. (Haven’t decided what colour yet though, maybe a grey and nice bright frames.)
[x] Repair the hinge on the door
[x] Replace the light inside with LEDs. (I’ve seen some nice ones in IKEA that I’ll buy at some point)

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One Response to Planning a DIY Adventure

  1. Sarah says:

    I can safely say that I would love to be the owner of that house! Oh well, at least you get to play in it while cleaning it up for Little One!

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