Working on a DIY Adventure

Taking advantage of my small person being away on holiday with Nannie and Granddad I decided to make a start on redecorating her wendy house.

As you may remember it currently looks like this:

Nice enough, but it could do with something more. One trip to B&Q later and I had a set of paintbrushes, and two tins of paint.

I started by painting up the playhouse:

The wood, because it’s not been looked after properly is really absorbent of the paint and was just drinking it in. In the end I had to put three coats of it on to get a good coverage.

My supervisor really cracks the whip: “Paint faster! Meow!” (Someone needs a visit to the V E T for a teeth clean I think)

Getting there slowly but surely. It keeps trying to rain which is really very annoying.

I enlist the help of my own personal giant to do all the high bits. He does a good job too.

Once that was dry I made a start on painting up the window frames and the fascias. I will need to enlist the help of my personal giant again to do the high bits, it’ll look awesome when it’s done.

Unfortunately, the blue paint is really thin and runny so I’ve had to put four coats of it on so far and there is still a little bit of seepage through of the white paint.

Here’s how it looks so far:

Still to do:

  • top fascia board and diamond
  • paint front door
  • paint the porch floor
  • do another coat of paint on the frames

And then I need to do inside is all the sanding, re-hang the door so it actually closes and it’s all done. Hoorah!

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One Response to Working on a DIY Adventure

  1. Jessica says:

    Thats ace Jules, you have worked hard on it and she will absolutely love it! xx

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