12 Tutorial Challenge

This year I’m going to have a go at 12 different tutorials in 12 different types of craft: the 12 tutorial challenge.

Challenge 1
Make chalkboard books

My first challenge was first spotted back last September on the Whip Up blog. Turn old cardboard kids books into mobile chalkboards. Having a small child who needs occupying on long car journeys I thought this would be a great tutorial to try.

My only deviation from the tutorial was that I used chalkboard paint, rather than chalkboard spray as my local DIY place didn’t have any spray. But costs wise, it probably works out the same. (I only had to go and buy silver marker pens as I can’t find the ones I already had after I moved house earlier in the year.)

The front cover of the book, with space for a chalk name or picture on the front.

First two pages, Draw a funny face and Draw your pet.

One for the Peppa Pig fan my daughter is. Dinosaur grrrr…

One for when she’s a little bit older, that’ll help the time pass in the car, I can get a little bit competitive with noughts and crosses though.

Things you see on the beach and at the farm.

Draw a castle.

I spy with my little eye… another good one for car trips although I’ll have to practice drawing lorries, cars and trees.

Making it was pretty straightforward, although with two coats of paint per page and 8 pages with a 2 hour drying time for each coat don’t expect it to be done in an evening. I made mine over the course of 5 evenings. I taped the edges of the spine to protect them from wear and tear. And voilà! one awesome chalkboard book.

Want to try it yourself? The instructions (with pictures) are here.

Of course, I had so much fun making the first one (and it came out so well) that I made a further 9 (NINE!) to give to all the small children in our lives for Christmas. And I’ve had requests to make more as well from people at work.

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