Things I have been making

As my Silversmithing class is starting up again for the new year I thought I’d share one of the projects that I’d done last term.

My friend Kate has a beautiful silver and gold anticlastic spinner ring. I’ve always been intrigued as to how they are put together and decided it would be a good project to work on for most of the term before Christmas.

I did some research on the internet on how to make an anticlastic ring and was left a bit downhearted as most jewellery makers use either a special metal or plastic stake or a die and a hydraulic press. I couldn’t afford to buy the equipment and even our class didn’t have the equipment for me to have a go so disheartened I decided to put it to the back burner.

Then one lunchtime at work I was idly searching on Google and came across a blog post where the writer mentioned in passing using a metal block and dapping punches. That was all I had to go on but felt that I could at least have a go.

So armed with some copper I made a basic ring using hard solder. (I’d read about how the stress of shaping the ring could make the solder pop so the stronger solder the better, I thought)

Once it was soldered, pickled  and polished I started to dap it, using only a couple of strikes before turning it over and doing the other side. Quite quickly it started to fold over. I think I probably went too far and it went too arched to be worn comfortably. So I had to put it on a ring mandrel and try and hammer it out a bit. Hardly ideal. I think next time I’ll only turn the metal slightly.

Next I had to put in the spinner ring and oh my goodness it was fiddly. I ended up having to bind my silver wire with about 3 foot of binding wire to hold it in place and be able to solder it. It’s a piece of work I’d rather never speak of again I got that frustrated doing it. Gah!

I wonder if it would be easier to make it at the same time as the main ring and slide it over before I start dapping. I don’t even know if it would work.

And here’s the finished product:

It still needs finishing and polishing, this is out of the pickle.

There’s a lot that I’d do differently next time but as far as first goes, well, go – I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.

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One Response to Things I have been making

  1. Barb Mallon says:

    I just started making these and it took forever to get my technique down, but I think I finally have. I do still have trouble with sizing, but I’m learning. What I do is create the wide ring first, then after I hammer it out round (which messes up my sizing sometimes!), I wrap wire around the ring and create the second ring. I DO actually slide it over the wider ring first, hold them both in place and dap a few taps on one side turning the dap about 1/4 turn on each hit. Then I turn both rings over and dap a few strikes, and keep going back and forth until the spinner doesn’t come off. But yes, dap them together. One pointer is to oxidize the rings FIRST before putting them together. It’s not easy to buff with the spinner in the way. Hope this helps!

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