12 Tutorial Challenge – challenge 2

A cookery challenge this time, and one my 2 year old could join in with. Cookies! She was quite excited because she knows full well what a cookie is.

I followed this recipe by the Hairy Bikers, but without all the fruit and booze because I was making them for a 2 year old.

My very helpful helper did all the mixing. She loves getting her hands dirty (and sneaking eats of the dough at the same time). She thought that the chopped up chocolate buttons were the best thing ever (and every time my back was turned she’d eat them instead of mixing them in). In the end they became chocolate-chip-surprise cookies. The surprise being actually getting chocolate bits in your cookie.

This mix made 17 cookies of a decent size (you had to break them in half to get them in your mug of tea).

And here is how they turned out:

They really spread as they cooked and yes, some of our round cookies do have corners!  If I was going to make them again I’d use less sugar and butter in order to keep the dough a bit firmer. I’d also swap out some of the plain flour with bread flour to make them extra chewy.

But they were delicious. And the 2 year old really enjoyed the couple she managed to get before everyone else scoffed them.

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One Response to 12 Tutorial Challenge – challenge 2

  1. Hedwig van Wuijkhuijse says:

    These cookies certainly do look delicious, but lacking a 2-year old, I probably won’t have as much fun making them 😉

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