In silversmithing this term I’ve been experimenting with Copper. (Well it’s so much cheaper than silver, like 15% of the cost. And when silver is £32 an oz then it’s definitely cheaper to cock-up in copper. I won’t cry when I accidentally overheat a copper test piece into a blob of slag. I’ll be annoyed – oh so very annoyed but I wouldn’t cry.)

As I need to practice my ring making I thought I’d rustle up a couple of practice rings out if round wire. I could practice my soldering and see how neatly I could solder the wire together (without too much filing afterwards, without having a massive seam of solder, etc)

Then I had the brilliant* idea of soldering a ring to the top of it. I have a vague plan to enamel it – but a vague one. I’m not entirely sure I could do anything else than cold enamel it. I don’t think I can torchfire it, the solder would just run.

Anyway, this is how it turned out:

And only a tiny bit lopsided. Hooray. It needs a little bit of filing to tidy it up and then the decoration of some sort.

*for brilliant see ‘not completely thought through’.

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