My Workspace!

My workspace

Lookit me and my fancypants panoramic photomagraphy! You really an get an app for everything on the iPhone. (You will need to click through to Flickr to see it full sized.)

One of the advantages of having a slightly bigger home is that you don’t have to work on the living room floor now. I have a wall of the spare room dedicated to my hobbies. The desk was £20 from IKEA (yes it’s a kids one, but it does me fine), the shelving is recycled from the drinks ‘cabinet’ in the old house and every shelf of that bookcase has four rows of books on it. The little metal filing cabinet was a £25 bargain from IKEA and all the storage boxes are full of beads.

All my ‘dangerous’ stuff (like my torches and safety pickle) are on the converted spice racks on the left hand side.

The desk is set up for resin work in the picture and you can see the stuff that’s setting on the table, soon to be on sale on the internet. (I just need a name for my shop. Pah.)

The red picture on the wall is of the baby’s feet when she was about 3 months old. Her first craft piece. And there’s a bunch of [profile] morbid_spark‘s crocheted grapes in the picture too

All my glass cutting kit is on top of the bookcase along with my first fascinator, which, even if I do say so myself, looked awesome. (I must find a wedding photo to show it off.)

I have a lot of stuff. :/

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