Review: Fred Letterpress Cookie Cutters

For my birthday I was lucky enough to be bought this set of cookie cutters by two of my friends (who I guess are angling for dairy-free ‘bikkits’ now)

You get all 25 letters in the box, plus an ampersand and an exclamation mark. Each letter is a different font (and typography fans will be pleased to note that there is no comic sans in there). The letter I is my current favourite because I think it will look ace when the biscuit is iced.

How to use: 1) pick your letter, flip it over and press fairly hard into the pastry (I recommend lightly flouring the pastry first otherwise the letters will stick and rip the pastry)
2) Flip the cookie cutter over, align it over your letter and press down.
3) Ta da! One perfect cookie ready for cooking.

After a few cookies, I started getting the hang of how hard to press into the pastry. (tip: fairly hard, you want to get a nice deep impression as it will fill out when the biscuits are cooking (at least with my biscuit recipe anyway).

I tried out all the cutters on my first go (with a ginger biscuit recipe to be posted shortly). I found that I needed to make sure the pastry was lightly floured otherwise the thin raised sections, (like on the P) end up ripping up and getting stuck in the recess.

I really like these cutters, nice and simple to use and with good results:

As you can see the letters have lost their definition but I don’t think that was the fault of the cutters, more likely the recipe.

so, if you fancy biscuits you can use to spell out swear words, names etc then this is the cutter kit for you!

(Available from Amazon)

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