This week I’ve been mostly doing baking with the three year-old. In a break from the usual fairy cakes I decided to have a go at cake pops.

I bought I cake pop mould for £5 from a local company. It’s silicone, and does 20 pops at a time.

You can use your favourite cake recipe (we did chocolate).

It comes in two bits, you fill one half with mix (tip: fill it to the top so there’s enough mix to rise into the top part of the mould) and clip the top half to it.

Bake at 160•c for about 9-10 mins.

Remove from oven and allow to cool completely. In the mould.

Once completely cold remove from the mould and you should have 20 perfect pops

Next, decorate. That’s the fun bit.

We melted some chocolate, I put a blob on the end of a cocktail stick and jammed it in the cake. Then put them back in the fridge to harden.

Once that was done we melted more chocolate, dunked the pops in and the three year-old expertly decorated (well, ate the chocolate stars and sprinkles)

The end product:



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