Veggie 2013: week 6

The veggie growing is going well and as the weather has finally started warming up our seedlings are finally starting to grow.

Although it appears that a lot of the pea seeds didn’t like our April snow and ice and have refused to grow 😦

This year we’ve borrowed a propagator from my sister and it’s helped brilliantly to get the seedlings started:

The tomato plants are coming up nicely

I am experimenting with a couple of tips to encourage the courgettes to grow up rather than outwards (giving them a stake to grow up; packing them together). Seems to be working so far.

We’re even giving carrots another go. See if they are any more successful this year.

Outside, the poor rhubarb took a battering from the snow. Lots of snapped stalks and torn leaves. It’s starting to come back a bit now though.

I’m hoping the weather will start to stay mild enough to start moving the plants outside. I have some hanging basket brackets fitted for the courgette plants. Height, I’m hoping, will save them from the slugs.


I’m working on quite a few slug defences (although what I really need is a hedgehog). I should have something to show next time.

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