Veggie 2013: week 7

After Slugageddon last year the 3yo and I had to come up with a cunning plan to stop the slugs getting into the plants.

Scheme 1 was the hanging baskets for the courgettes

Scheme 2 is this:


The great slug defence. It consists of many many squash bottles (with their tops and bottoms cut off) cut in half and taped together to make a guttering.

This is then staked to the veggie patch on its side and any gaps packed with soil. It’s then filled with slug gravel I bought from the pound shop that saved the sunflowers last year.

Ha! They’ll have to parachute in now (Famous last words obviously).


No part of the bottle is wasted. The tops and bottoms are being used as cheapo cloches and are working pretty well as evidenced by my beautiful little seedlings.


Once the seedlings get a bit bigger I’ll flip over the cloches and they can grow through the bottle openings andhopefully the sharp edges will deter the slugs. We shall see.

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