Veggie 2013: week 13

Aka the “LOOK! we’ve made food” post.

Cherry tomatoes. Already we’ve got about 20 between all the plants. And they’re still flowering so I expect there will be more.

Courgettes! Even one of the hanging basket courgette plants has a courgette on it.

Amusingly shaped carrots. If only That’s Life still aired.

Baby peas. Aww.

I’ve also bought some actual flowers (and chives) to entice the bees into the garden. Also but some lupins and a variety of primula. I was in the garden centre yesterday coveting the gigantic allium. Next year my pretties, next year.

Now begins the wait for all these to ripen. The small one is being very impatient. Every time we go outside she’s all “is it ready? Can I eat it?”

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One Response to Veggie 2013: week 13

  1. Your veggies look good. Great job!

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