Plans for the upcoming year.

Happy new year everyone. Hope you are having a good ‘un.

So a new year has arrived and thoughts have turned to the upcoming year. Instead of making resolutions I try to make plans as I’m more likely to be able to carry them out.

[X] carry on with my fledgling business. I’ve got my jewellery in one shop and I like to get them into another. Will be carrying on with my craft fairs because they’re great fun.

[X] get my hallmark and make more silver jewellery.

[X] get my garage sorted, so I can get the kiln out and do some enamelling at home.

[X] read more. I’ve not read nearly enough last year, I think I managed about 12 books. Just not good enough.

[X] more walking, more getting outside, more fun!

I’ve signed up for Focus on Life 2014. I hope it makes me a better photographer and it’ll be a good way to reflect on the year. I’m quite excited anout the whole thing.

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